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Welcome to Voices of Liberty Postcards!

Voicesoflibertypostcards.com is a conservative, honest voice for all Americans that love their country and want their voices heard.

Silence is acceptance and we need not be silent any longer.

Can thousands of postcards flooding the White House generate a movement without a march or rally? Yes…for just $3.00 we can travel to Washington D.C. or anywhere in America that we choose, and speak our minds via postcard.

Currently we have 9 postcard messages available; we encourage you to order your single or multiple postcards and within 24 hours they will be in the mail and YOUR voice will be on its way to addressee. By “Seeing” our Voices we will be heard and we can bring change.

Success StoriesGood News! Our voices were heard. President Trump pardoned the Hammond’s and Jeff Sessions resigned. Thanks to all of you that sent postcards to our President requesting the Pardon for the Hammonds and the resignation of Sessions. We like to think that we helped make a difference by sending hundreds of postcards to our President.

With united effort we can impact outcomes….

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“Your Voice Of Liberty for Less Than A Latte”


The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.